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Land Energy Clearing 

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Service Pricing & Payment Information

Please email us at contact@elysianld.com for service payment information. 

Spiritual Consulting Readings 

30 Minutes: $50.00 

60 Minutes: $100.00

90 Minutes: $150.00

120 Minutes: $200.00

​Medium & Divine Emails 

1 Question: $20.00 

3 Questions: $40.00

5 Questions: $60.00

​Divine Check-In

Per client check-in: $100.00

Connecting to the "Divine" Session

Initial Session: 90 Minutes 

Additional Sessions: 60 Minutes: $100.00

                                 90 Minutes: $150.00


Past Life Readings

30 Minutes: $50.00

60 Minutes: $100.00

Space & Land Energy Clearing

 Space & Land Energy Clearing: In Person/ Via Distance: $100.00


Energy Healing 

60 Minute Reiki Session: $60.00

60 Minute Life Force Energy Healing Session: $100

60 Minute Couple Life Force Energy Healing Session: $200

​15 Minute Mini Energy Shift  & Balance Attunement: $25.00 

Numerology Analysis

Per Report $25.00

Soul Gemstone Prescription 

Per Prescription: $75.00

Gift Certificates Available! Please contact us for more information. 

Legal Disclaimer: By purchasing a service from Elysian Life Design, you hereby release ElysianLD and employees from any and all liability of services performed for you or your space. You take full responsibility for any decisions you make as a result from the spirit world's messages. By purchasing a product you are stating that you are a legal adult of 18 years old or older. These products do not substitute for medical attention, and no insight will be provided on health issues: if you are in need of medical care, please see a physician.